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Sakina Elizabeth


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With over 15 years of experience in the creative and performing arts industries, Sakina Flint combines her passion for arts, culture, and history with storytelling to empower and inspire audiences.


Sakina currently works as a program manager for Boston University School of Medicine. She leads the social media plan and presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter for lead generation and brand awareness, and responsible for managing the accreditation process for over 200 programs which entails: training administrators about the process, and auditing for compliance. Her work has taken her internationally to audit an orthopedic conference in Beirut, Lebanon.

Sakina recently made her debut as a film director when she wrote and produced a short film project about domestic violence. The project was accepted into an international film festival, and premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Earlier, Sakina was dance coach for a professional basketball dance team in North Carolina for two seasons. She has performed in many productions and events including dancing at the Democratic National Convention, MTV network parties, and for major recording artists.


Sakina earned her undergraduate degree in the performing arts from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While she is pursuing her master’s degree in advertising at Boston University, she runs a part-time business, seARTs, implementing dance empowerment programs across the city of Boston.

In late June of 2019, seARTs was selected as one of 20 organizations to receive funding from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Asset Forfeiture Reinvestment Program to produce PSAs and social media campaigns around anti-violence and mental health.

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